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Monoblok 6 och 6.5 – nya limited edition-mallets från Scotty Cameron

En dryg månad efter Jet Set-lanseringen kommer Scotty Cameron nu med två nya mallet-putters i en limited edition-serie: Monoblok 6 och Monoblok 6.5.

Det är ju ingen som förvånas över att Scotty Cameron och Titleist pytsar ut limited edition-putters lite då och då. Marknaden är knappast mättad med tanke på hur många som vill ha en Scotty-putter antingen som "gamer" eller som samlarobjekt på väggen i hemmakontoret.

Den här gången handlar det om ett par putters som bygger på den populära GOLO-seriens framgångar såväl på tourer som försäljningsmässigt. De rundade mallet-huvudena har en ny storlek och är som namnet antyder frästa i ett enskilt stycke rostfritt stål. Namnet är för övrigt inspirerat av en fälg som också tillverkas i ett stycke metall.

Monoblok 6 och Monoblok 6.5 släpps till försäljning 7 oktober och kommer att kosta 8599 kronor. Ett saftigt pris, men sannolikt inte högt nog för att de blir hyllvärmare i någon golfshop.

Läs hela pressmeddelandet nedan.

Scotty Cameron Introduces New MONOBLOK Putters Limited Release Mallets Showcase Designs Milled from a Single Block of Steel

CARLSBAD, Calif. (September 22, 2022) – With a passion for creating putters that perform at golf’s highest levels, Scotty Cameron introduces the new MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 putters. Made in a limited run and inspired by the continued success of tour professionals playing previous generation GOLO models on the worldwide tours, these rounded mallets are reminiscent of GOLO designs, yet offer a new, sought-after head size in two, purpose-specific neck and shaft configurations. Inspired by an iconic automotive wheel crafted from a single block of metal, Scotty named these MONOBLOK to celebrate his tradition of milling putters from solid 303 stainless steel.

Available in golf shops beginning October 7, the MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 feature an industrial machined metal bevel design, a misted anti-glare stainless steel finish accented in translucent cherry red and asphalt gray paint, a Pistolero Plus grip, a custom shaft band and a model-specific headcover. The “6” nomenclature signifies the line’s dimensions at a new size that fits between the GOLO 5 and 7 head shapes.

Designed, precision milled and assembled in the United States, each new Limited Release MONOBLOK putter incorporates Scotty’s customizable stainless steel sole weights, as well as an aluminum sole plate designed to optimize weight distribution, shifting weight to the perimeter of the putter head for balance, stability and forgiveness.

QUOTING MASTER CRAFTSMAN SCOTTY CAMERON: “Tour players who game compact mallets have been partial to our GOLO shapes since we first introduced them in 2012. That’s going back a decade through this year, when J.T. Poston gamed a GOLO 5 in his victory at the 2022 John Deere Classic. We had several requests for a model that’s in between the 5 and 7 sizes, so we created the MONOBLOK 6 and 6.5. They are designed in a new size with a familiar shape that has the swooping curves and that pleasing ‘melt-into-the-ground’ look from address. Before these go out to Tour, I wanted to make a special run. We all like options, so one comes with a single mid-bend shaft configuration, and the other with our jet neck for guys looking for a little more toe flow. In keeping the color palette clean and monotone, as well as the extensive milling process from solid stainless steel, the name MONOBLOK just fit.”

• MONOBLOK 6: With its rounded compact mallet shape based on earlier GOLO putters, the MONOBLOK 6 is sized in between the GOLO 5 and 7 models with a mid-bend shaft for a nearly face balanced setup. Precision milled from a single block of 303 stainless steel, the MONOBLOK 6 has an integrated sole plate machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Seamlessly fused to the body, this configuration allowed Scotty to design more solid stainless steel into the face and perimeter, increasing MOI, balance and feel. The limited release MONOBLOK 6 has a solid face, misted stainless steel finish, adjustable performance balanced stainless steel sole weighting and includes a Pistolero Plus grip and a MONOBLOK headcover.

• MONOBLOK 6.5: With the same dimensions as the MONOBLOK 6, Scotty’s new MONOBLOK 6.5 was designed with a jet neck for players who favor a putting stroke with a bit of toe flow. The key to maintaining the same size, shape and overall head weight with a different neck is the integrated sole plate. Precision milled from 6061 aircraft aluminum and lightly misted with clear anodization, this engineered component allows the solid stainless steel to be distributed properly for increased MOI, balance and feel. The limited release MONOBLOK 6.5 has a solid face, misted stainless steel finish, adjustable performance balanced stainless steel sole weighting and includes a Pistolero Plus grip and a MONOBLOK headcover. A small number of left-handed MONOBLOK 6.5 putters will also be offered.

MULTI-MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION: The MONOBLOK 6 and MONOBLOK 6.5 putters extend Scotty Cameron’s proven construction methodology of incorporating complementary materials to achieve desired performance characteristics. Each model employs a precision milled 6061 aircraft grade aluminum sole plate expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head, which allows for higher MOI, optimal weight distribution, superior balance and excellent feel.

WEIGHTING: The MONOBLOK putters each feature performance balanced weighting with two customizable heel-toe stainless steel sole weights matched to the putter’s length to ensure consistent feel and weight at every length.

ACCESSORIES: Each MONOBLOK putter is accessorized with a Pistolero Plus grip with gray Scotty Cameron lettering and a slightly built-up lower hand profile. This new grip complements an embroidered, custom designed MONOBLOK headcover. A stepless steel shaft includes the line’s MONOBLOK shaft band.

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