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Ny "radar"-boll från Titleist

Det finns snart en Trackman-simulator överallt och med nya Titleist-bollen Pro V1 RCT (Radar Capture Technology) golf kan radartekniken ge ännu bättre precision.

Du som provat Trackman inomhus vet att det är riktigt kul, men att siffrorna inte alltid känns helt rätt. För inte slog du den där järnsjuan med 145 mph bollhastighet? Och den där tunna träffen gick ju knappast rakt upp i luften.

Vad som gått fel i mätningen är såklart inte helt säkert, men sannolikt är det den korta flygsträckan som gör att Trackmans avancerade radar inte riktigt fått ordning på ditt slag.

Nu blir det andra bullar sedan Titleist tagit fram en boll särskilt för radarmätning, Pro V1 RCT (Radar Capture Technology). Det har tagit dem två år att ta fram de nya bollarna.

Läs mer i Titleists meddelande nedan.

Hey, everyone.

Do you ever work on your game indoors? Or maybe you're in the market for new clubs and you're considering getting fit at an indoor golf center? If your golf regimen includes indoor training, indoor lessons or even a simulator golf league, we have some news that will make your time indoors significantly more productive and enjoyable.

For the past two years, Titleist has been developing new technology that will allow you to take advantage of the performance and consistency of your Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf ball and bring it to an indoor environment.

This November, Pro V1 and Pro V1x will be available with new Radar Capture Technology (RCT), a proprietary advancement that has been optimized and validated in collaboration with Trackman, the industry leader in golf launch monitor technology. RCT was specifically engineered for radar-based launch monitors to deliver the most accurate golf ball data available for all indoor golf experiences.

Gone are the days of attaching reflective stickers, and properly aligning the golf ball prior to each swing. With Pro V1 RCT, simply move the golf ball anywhere within the hitting area of TrackMan and swing away. Regardless of how the ball is oriented, launch, speed, and spin are all captured, not estimated. This information then allows TrackMan to predict and plot exact flight, peak height, carry, roll, and total distance. Precision performance, captured for every shot.

With RCT technology, indoor data capture of spin rate increases to over 99%. The result is more accurate total flight data, which leads to more appropriate fitting recommendations, more useful feedback on technique and training and instructional plans that are based in fact. In short, a truer, straighter road to better golf.

Following, please find answers to some additional questions you may have about Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT...

• • •

How does RCT work?

RCT works through radar reflective technology. This technology embedded in Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT allows TrackMan launch monitors to capture exact spin on over 99% of shots and eliminates estimates or applying reflective spin markers. RCT requires no precision orientation relative to the launch monitor to work creating a more efficient indoor golf experience.

Does RCT work with other launch monitors?

Pro V1 RCT has been optimized and validated in collaboration with Trackman. Early testing indicates other radar-based launch monitors benefit from this golf ball technology. To provide the most accurate golf ball data on these devices for the indoor golf experience, Titleist recommends utilizing RCT golf balls with TrackMan launch monitors.

Can I use RCT outdoors? Is my data better outdoors by using RCT?

Yes, RCT can be used outdoors. Pro V1 RCT and Pro V1x RCT are constructed with the exact same components as stock Pro V1 and Pro V1x and deliver identical performance, while designed to enhance the indoor experience. The embedded technology of RCT in Pro V1 and Pro V1x is engineered specifically to capture golf ball spin data indoors and is not needed in the outdoor environment.

Is RCT USGA/R&A Legal? Yes, Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT are conforming golf balls. Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT deliver identical performance outdoors as Pro V1 and Pro V1x. They appear on the USGA/R&A List of Conforming Golf Balls with the same markings as 2021 Pro V1 and 2021 Pro V1x.

When I use a non-RCT golf ball, I see my data. Does RCT really matter?

TrackMan Indoor Simulators are best in class and provide estimated spin data on your golf shots to help project the actual performance of the golf ball. However, Titleist developed this cutting-edge technology in collaboration with TrackMan to deliver the best possible experience for the golfer. RCT delivers precise spin data, increasing indoor data capture to over 99%. Producing more precise flight data, more precise fitting recommendations, and lower scores. Titleist and TrackMan both recommend exclusively using RCT golf balls when using a TrackMan launch monitor in an indoor environment.

How long does a Pro V1 RCT golf ball last in a fitting bay?

In Titleist R&D testing, RCT golf balls have measured driver spin through 500 swings. However, indoor environments vary and RCT golf balls may wear out cosmetically before any performance deterioration occurs.

How far away from the simulator screen (or hitting net) do I need to be for a radar-based launch monitor to capture accurate spin data with an RCT ball?

For adequate spin capture with drivers, Titleist recommends at least ten feet of distance in the fitting bay. All of the testing completed in Titleist R&D has been completed with at least ten feet separating the teed-up Pro V1 or Pro V1x RCT ball and the screen.

• • •

Pro V1 RCT and Pro V1x RCT are available in golf shops and through beginning November 3, 2021.

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