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Ny säsong, nya stilar, samma Vice – Vice Golf lanserar sin klädkollektion för 2023

Vice Golf marknadsför sig som ett modernt och ungdomligt varumärke, och klädkollektionen för 2023 är ett tydligt tecken på att design och stil är viktigt för företaget. Under mottot "form follows function" framhåller man dock att funktionalitet och kvalitet står i första rummet.

Det är många som gillar Vice Golfs lite fräcka uppstickarmentalitet och för fansen kommer nu en komplett klädkollektion inför 2023.

Läs om kläderna i pressmeddelandet nedan och vidare på där kläderna också kan köpas. Liksom bollarna är det "direct to consumer" som gäller och besparingen på mellanleden kommer dig som konsument till godo.


VICE GOLF Apparel 2023 sets new standards in style and performance. The 3 subcollections are a breath of fresh air for fairways around the world.

At Vice Golf, we want everyone to tee off in their own style. Our 2023 Apparel launch challenges the notion that golf wear has to be dull. This brand-new collection acknowledges that individuals and their personalities are at the heart of what makes the game of golf special. With the 2023 Apparel launch, Vice Golf brings together bold design, stylish finesse, and high-performance detailing for golf wear that can be worn on the course, at the range, in the clubhouse, or anywhere else. We’ve selected the highest quality materials and used innovative designs to give our clothing a cutting edge. YKK zippers ensure smooth access to pockets, Vice Golf V-bar-tack stitching reinforces high-stress areas, and our own fabric blends create lightweight, breathable, and waterproof layers. This is all-season golf wear!

Casual-style polos have a little give so even on the course you have room to rotate and power through those drives with minimal obstruction. Our shorts feature rubber lining on the waistband to keep them stable while you release your swing and keep your nerve on puts.

The 2023 Apparel range features 3 subcollections, each taking inspiration from different heritages to create stylish looks that are distinct in design and tone. FLORIDA SCRAMBLE is inspired by the duality of life in Florida, combining the exuberance of Miami’s neon-lit nightlife with the laid-back attitude of Jupiter - the unofficial home of golf. It features Vice Golf’s Orange pattern design (the signature logo of this collection) and reversible shorts while also citing the Latin American influence in Florida for the classy Havana Knit Polo.

LIBERTY CLUB looks for inspiration in a somewhat unexpected place; the Big Apple. Even though golf is seen as a sport that’s mostly played away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, the subcollection pays tribute to the courses found within the city limits. It features slick pinstripe polo shirt designs, college-style sweatshirts, and color schemes synonymous with the great American sports teams.

Lastly, our homage to golf's rich history, the CARRY ON TRADITION collection looks to the past for inspiration. In a nod to golf clothing of old, we revamp course classics and give them a modern upgrade in terms of performance and style with items such as the tartan-print waterproof jacket.

“This launch is a chance for us to let Vice Golf’s character and personality shine through," says Co-Founder and CEO Ingo Düllmann. “We’re really proud of this collection; we’ve hybridized golf clothing to create bold and stylish apparel with a bit of attitude that pays attention to every detail in terms of performance on the course. It’s clothing that you’ll want to wear everywhere you go, not just on the fairways or in the clubhouse.”

Throughout the entire collection, you’ll find clothing that can be described as either Lifestyle or Performance, and some items that completely reject that categorization by embracing both sides of the spectrum. Aſter all, why should you have to choose between style or substance when hitting the fairways?

“This release is Vice Golf putting a marker down”, states Co-Founder and CFO Rainer Stöckl. “We took on the golf ball market, shook things up, and established ourselves as a leading brand that could compete with the established order. But we’re always looking for other avenues so we can continue to make golf accessible for everyone. This collection is a big step towards that goal.”

The 2023 Vice Golf Apparel is available from March 13th exclusively at

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